Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Where the fuck am I? A Review of Rob's Pennsyltucky Birthday Show...

...so, it seems I like Jameson a lot more than Jameson likes me.

Amanda, meet the kitchen floor.

As I sat there this morning trying to construct an accurate depiction of this past Friday's show so I could post a review, I realized that there were significant chunks of my evening missing from my recollection. For this, I blame whiskey, which I really need to learn to stay away from. It's like a bad boyfriend. You know it's just going to fuck up your life, but that bottle looks so damn sexy after a few pints of cheap beer...
I should have learned the last time Mr. Jameson and I tangled...the night my best friend and I were seeing a show in New York City and I wound up in a very bitchy heated debate with some Sirius radio DJ she knew about whether or not Metallica is still relevant. (my vote was no.) It's pretty much guaranteed I will never work in satellite radio. Thanks, Jameson.

Happy Birthday Rob!

So I dragged my Jersey ass out to the outskirts of Wilkes Barre, PA on Friday for the annual birthday show of my good friend, constant abuser, and promoter Rob Alapick, officially at the newly opened Rattler in Pittston, PA. A small club, but great set-up, side room with a pool table and space to set up merch, cheap beer, and a small stage set to the back. On the bill, local heroes and all around swell guys The Nonrefundables, New York City's own always amazing Rudie Crew, and the never disappointing New Jersey ska thumping Hub City Stompers. You really can't go wrong with the lineup alone...but add in the right venue, some good friends, and a bit of beer...and a night of chaos is sure to ensue.

Nonrefundables kicked it off, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by them. Not that I thought they would be terrible. I was not sure what to expect. The verdict was in after the first song though...they are a lot of fun live! Light hearted, not at all serious in even the tiniest little bit for this occasion...which was welcome. The sound is an alternative/punk rock blend reminiscent of late nights in dirty bars. It's a lot of fun, but it's good music too. Well written, well constructed songs.Plus I love any band that stacks free CD's and stickers on a table and tells the crowd to go at it. Free music is the greatest gift you can give.You can check their music out for yourself HERE.

The Nonredundables

The Rudie Crew never disappoints me. Singer Roy Radics was constantly off the stage, dancing with myself, himself, and everyone else while chatting out the lyrics to show staples like SUV, Pretty Girl, and T.R.N.C. Radics has a wonderful way of connecting with the audience, both from the stage and off, and the audience responds. It's one of the reasons they are such a great live act. That and the talented musicianship of each segment of the band. These gentlemen have been blowing me away since I first caught them at the Stanhope House in Jersey in February. I wrote about it HERE. If you have the chance to check them out, I urge you to do so.

The Rudie Crew

And to finish off the evening (before I completely blacked out), straight out of New Brunswick, NJ...Hub City Stompers. I have been meaning to do an actual write-up on these guys since I started this blog, and usually find myself far too distracted when around any of them to actually get a real interview done. Eventually. I promise. In the meantime, when I get the chance to see them live they never disappoint me either. They haven't since I first saw them at the now defunct Connections in Clifton, NJ about ten years ago. I was much younger and much blonder then. But they were just as good, each individually as musicians and as a whole. Their music is 'dancable. Between the bass lines, the drums, and the sax work and combined with lyrics that are mockingly amusing, smart, and relevant, it's no wonder there is usually a crowd chanting along in front of the stage every time I see them. Singer Travis's stage presence...even when he is directly making fun of you...is magnetic and addicting. They are a personal favorite of mine.
You can get more information on them HERE.

Hub City Stompers

All in all, it was a great show. Great music, a lot of dancing, great friends, and a pretty fun club. A taste of the tri-state area scene, smack dab in the middle of Pennsylvania. I passed out face first in my clothes and my Converse on my dear friend's bed...which is better than the floor where I would have had he not moved me. Could have been the front lawn for all I know.

Jameson, you are a sexy bitch...but we are breaking up.

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