Monday, February 8, 2016

Back...Back in the Ska, Reggae, Rocksteady Groove...

Life is funny. Crazy. Wonderful. Tragic. Magical.
It's also REALLY busy.
Illness, layoffs, moving, pregnancy, childbirth, finally completing that nifty degree, breaking not one but two computers. All that stuff kind of gets in the way of my writing, dancing, podcasting world. And you know what? I need it back! I miss sending you all the music I love. I miss talking about it. I miss broadcasting it. I miss sending this amazing scene out into the world.

But guess what, kids...I'm back! Ye olde A Perfect Mess News and Reviews is back up and running, full time. The podcast will be back up in the coming months as well, as I get the bits and pieces of all that requires back in place (domain, software, all that nonsense).

So please... get back up and sending me show listings, album releases, and all the goodness. I will be back in full promotion mode. My show calendar is slowing filling back up. My dancing shoes are being dusted off.

See you on the floor.