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It's Almost Time to Get Down- The Wild Woods Music and Arts Festival

So, what are YOU doing the weekend of August 11th? Yes, this August 11th. Next weekend. Whatever it is, stop right now. Cancel those plans immediately, and head over to  WILDWOODSFEST.COM  to get your tickets and plan your weekend in lovely Croydon, NH for the annual Wild Woods Music and Arts Festival. A Perfect Mess will be on hand to cover the festival, and this is one you do not want to miss this year. If I hear someone say the phrase "get down", I immediately think of Kung Fu. They have an incredible song called The Get Down with a chorus that says "I'm about to get down..." over and over. It's singable. It's addicting. This is ringing in my head right now thinking about Wild Woods. I DO feel like I am about to get down. A lot. Not only will we be seeing more Kung Fu (which if you haven't by now, you need to - there is no one like them doing what they do and they will knock your socks off - you can read more about them here ) but we also

Bee and Wig Party - Pre-Phish Get Down

My first Phish experience is not limited to my first time seeing Phish. I had lots of other firsts too. It was my first time in the Sky Bridge at Madison Square Garden, which was life changing. It was the first time I ever pre-booked my parking, which was also life changing although I still had to pay $5 more because my car is enormous. It was my first time hitting up American Beauty for a beer and a show. American Beauty is my kind of place. The beer is all very good. It's not easy to find a decent craft stout in the middle of the summer on tap anywhere, and they had one front and center on their chalk board. Yeah, the prices are a little high, but you do get a ticket to this enchanted land upstairs where a gentleman is busy making fresh thin crust pizzas all day. Not nasty frozen bar pies (not that those are not delicious when you are half in the bag) but real, fresh made in a real pizza oven pizzas that you can watch him make. You get one with every single beer you buy. He wa

THE UNIVERSE IS A DONUT - A First Time Phish Experience

Last night, I went and saw Phish. This is not going to be a real long and drawn out description from top to bottom because I have looked and those already exist all over the damn place. This is a straight truth piece about what happens when the outsider gets inside. Listen, I am losing punk rock points with every stroke of the keyboard on this article and I can already feel the side-eye from a lot of people I know in the ska scene. Before you all write me off as some lost cause or scene casualty or worse - not a true fan of either genre - let's actually talk about what it is to be a part of a Phish show. This will require you to remove your know-it-all hat and "I only listen to ___" glasses and actually, for a moment, trust that I have something of substance to say on this subject. I shared the exact same video you did on Facebook. You know the one, the "This is what Phish sounds like to people who don't like Phish" video. And it was funny! It's st