Monday, November 18, 2013

There Is No Therapy Like Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, and Soul...

OK. So. My show is NOT over. My blog was NOT abandoned. A Perfect Mess is alive and well!
It just took a break.

My life happened, and I had to tend to it.

Those who know me well know I am a stubborn thing. I will not give up on what I love, and even having to take a break from it quite literally  hurts me through my bones and into my soul. Especially when that something is my show and my blog for which I have spent years building and many hours and dollars feeding so that it could become the wonderful monster that it did. I knew I had a following, and I adore the ever loving crud  out of everyone who listens to me. I had no idea that it was as far reaching as it was until the messages and e-mails and notes on Twitter started coming in asking when I would be coming back! I wanted to take this moment to reach out to all those folks…and everyone…to thank you for your concern and let you know that my show didn’t die. It just took a nap.

I had four projects sitting on the burner, three blogs half written, and a stack of music to add to my library. That’s how it happens sometimes. You have this great momentum, your work is really starting to pay off. Then your life comes along and kicks you square in the lady balls and pulls the break lever on you without your consent. It sucks. It’s annoying. But that is what happened. I had tickets to shows I had to sell or just eat the cost of. I had interviews I had to cancel.  I just had to stop for a moment and get some shit under control. I figured it would be a week. Maybe two. But the hits just kept on coming!

In the meantime, the website had to come down to save costs, not one computer but TWO bit the dust (one may be salvageable), and things kinda spun out of control. Between personal, financial, and health issues, I was unable to get my footing for several months. This lapse went on FAR longer than I had anticipated. This has never been a profitable enterprise, I pay for most of my admissions, I buy music from the artists, I support crowd sourcing campaigns. My website and podcast costs are paid our of pocket. I do it all simply because I love this music. Being able to bring this amazing scene to someone else is a great feeling. The idea that someone might hear a song on my show and find themselves into a whole new artist is fuel to the fire. But I was not able to hold it all up, and it sucked.
This music is what has gotten me through what I have been dealing with in my life. I know it gets others through what they are dealing with in their lives. That is every reason that I am working as we speak to get the show back up and running within the next few weeks. There is no therapy like ska, reggae, rocksteady and soul and I am bringing it. Thank you sincerely to all the amazing musicians and incredible listeners and readers who have reached out to say hello and make sure everything was ok.
Thank you for your patience.