Monday, August 1, 2016

The Pomps - Indie Rock is Dying

I have felt for a year or so like I was in a music drought in our scene. It's not that there wasn't anything happening, it's just that there wasn't anything exciting happening. Don't get me wrong. There have been some great releases and incredible shows, but it's been kinda ho-hum for a little while. I took a couple years off from the podcast and the blog while I recovered from illness, got married, and had my daughter.

Maybe it was me who was ho-hum, but I feel like I am slowly reanimating when I hear music like what I am about to throw at you.

Now, I'm a Jersey Girl and a Yankee fan, so as hard as it is for me to throw love North, I have to say again and again that Boston kicks us down some amazing music. I will ALWAYS give love to Boston for music. (I hear the food up there is pretty amazing too...) They do not disappoint.

Enter The Pomps.

These Boston cats have a great fusion of reggae, pop, trusty old new wave, and just groove. I was told to call it Island Power Punk? It's seriously fun and honestly, I have been looking for something like this. I heard their record Top of the Pomps a few years back, and I remember seeing their name on shows I was was announcing on the podcast around that time, but they were never nearby so I had not been able to catch them. Dude...MY LOSS! These guys are great! It's just enough pop injected into great dance-able reggae grooves. They have a kind of smiling punk attitude. I love it.

So, my attention was called back to them with their recent release, Indie Rock is Dying. It's got a third wave feel but without all that noise. It's like small club dance ska. In my opinion, the best kind. But it's not ska. It's ska-pop fusion? Who cares. It's fucking GOOD. The title track reminds me of some of the best pop-punk that came out of the 90's, but with a 60's Britpop flavor woven underneath. They have a really great energy. It's infectious! Honestly, this is "throw your gear in the trunk and get in, we are going on an adventure" kind of driving music.

This record has head bopping beats straight off some of my favorite 80's new wave, but it's also got that driving island flavor you find in bands like The Slackers and Westbound Train, which makes sense. The band is working with Rarebreed Recording Company, run in part by Westbound's Obi Fernandez. In fact, All My Guns popped up in my feed over the winter as part of Rarebreed's Winter Sampler. I was eager for more since then. I got it!

That song All My Guns is on repeat at my desk this morning. The harmonies are on point and the beat is smooth. If you read my reviews, you know I love vocals. Vocals are my bread and butter and if you can pull me in with that, you have my full, undivided attention. I dig the vocals on this song hard. This is a song you sing along with at the show. I look forward to doing just that. As hard as it is to put a title on what this music falls into categorically, it's so much fun to listen to. It makes you move, and it has me chomping at the bit for something live down here in the dirty Jersey.

I dig all of this. How to Lure People is a slower beat but you still can't help but move and sing along. Great keys too. There is even a little dub flavor happening with the track, Halo Vs. King Django.

They have some dates coming up next month with the Toasters, including one in at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on September 24th You can get your tickets for that one Here. Then they are back up to Mass for a show in Cambridge at the Middle East on September 25th. I am tapping my foot and waiting for the Jersey shows...

You can head on over to Paper+Plastic and pick up Indie Rock is Dying HERE. I suggest strongly that you do. This album is perfect summer groove music and we all need a little more of that in our life.

Check out The Pomps on FACEBOOK

Thursday, July 28, 2016

My thoughts on TWIDDLE - PLUMP CHAPTER 1 - (there is no good reason for not having this record)

I married a jam guy.

This ska/reggae/rocksteady enthusiast married a jam guy.

It's not news. We have been married a few years. We bonded over a shared love of Bad Religion and Irish coffees several years ago and the rest is history. He is a bass player and a Dead Head. Our musical tastes are both very eclectic and while they overlap in many places, we never had a really prominently shared adoration for a band that made us both go looking for shows and hotels in other cities to see them at. Well, until now.

 I have had a good time taking him on Slackers booze cruises and Pietasters shows over the last few years. I have enjoyed showing him my world and my terrible dancing. His love is in the jam scene. I have gone to see him play and equally enjoyed watching the crowds at these colorful festivals and listening to the incredible musicianship I have gotten the chance to see. The people are wonderful and welcoming, but I didn't feel that pulling in my heart the way I do at the shows in the scene I have followed for many years. That is not to say that I have not seen incredible bands. I have. It's just not my thing. But that is why music is amazing. There is literally something for everyone...and then some.

On this day last year, we were sitting in a large corner hospital room awaiting our daughter's birth. My procedure had been postponed due to an emergency with another patient so my husband was sitting nervously in the corner listening to music while I watched TV and the clock. He was digging hard on this band I have never heard of, telling me I should really give this a listen. It was like the perfect melding of our two scenes. There was jam and there was groove. There was a steady beat and reggae flavor infused throughout. He knows I adore anything vocal heavy, and he promised me vocals that don't quit and lyrics that made the hair on your arms stand up. I was hugely pregnant and relatively impatient, so I more or less dismissed him.

Then he played it for me. It was Twiddle.

He was listening to a song called Lost in the Cold and with the emotions of bringing a life into the world and feeling ours change, it had brought him to tears. I knew that feeling. The way music gets under your skin and feels like thousands of electrodes bringing you to life as if prior to this moment, you had never actually lived. I felt it. I felt that pulling in my heart. I have not been able to stop that feeling since.

From that day forth, I kept hearing the songs from this album popping up. I would be driving in the car and listening to Jam On on satellite radio and songs would come on. Every single time it was like hearing something amazing for the first time. That feeling where you have to stop, clear your head, and really take it in. This was something special and it has been a while since I have had this experience with music. That was it. Hooked.

Lost in the Cold is easily my favorite track on the album. It's got solid groove and you cannot help but move with it, but more than that, it's in the words. These guys have a way with words and a way to bring them into your ears that is something both unique and exceptional. The vocals are on point. The bass line is killer. As my introduction to this band's talents, I had a high standard as my listening continued.

There is a lot of self reflection on this record. There is a lot of looking at the world and it's people with hope and confusion and determination all at once. I love that in music. I love to think and feel as I listen and it's something that seems to lack so heavy in a lot of today's music. Every Soul has a great line, "So much love when you let go of your sanity". YES! Dude. Exactly. Sometimes you have to remove the shackles of what we hold ourselves down with and let the current carry us.

The whole song is a lesson in letting go of your every day to just feel the world around you. Stop worrying about what everyone expects you to be and open your senses to enjoy the world happening around you. It's not just the words with Twiddle though. The music plays along with this concept perfectly. The lively keys kind of give you that impression that you are being carried along. These guys put it together in a way that welcomes you in like an old friend. They are songs you can get lost in like a good book.

It's been a long time since I have listened to an album from start to finish and could not skip a single song because they are all just that stellar. Another track, Complacent Race, seems incredibly appropriate for what is happening right now both socially and politically in our country and how it feels from the inside. You just want to live life in peace but it feels like things are just exploding around you from so much that we could conquer if we could just love hard enough. These incredible, simple but precise words that hit hard over a groove that makes you want to dance the world into peace. An outstanding blend of styles with good bass love and keys.

Twiddle themselves are an outstanding blend of musicians. Vocalist Mihali has just enough grit behind incredible melodies to convey that emotion packed vocal in a way that makes you not just hear, but feel. He has incredible range. In addition to his voice, he lends the guitar to this sound. Creative and symphonic. On keys is Ryan Dempsey. And OH the keys on this record. He has a presence on these songs that carries you somewhere else. Keys either sit in the background and decorate a song or they come out front an march along with it, throwing batons and confetti. Dempsey is no decorative keyboardist. He lends his talents to the music like brush strokes. It's one of the things I really like about this record. Listen to Amidst The Myst. It's gorgeous.

Brook Jordan is tops on drums and percussion. For someone like me who has immersed herself in the scene that I have, hearing someone bring those familiar hits and beats in such a smooth and different form is something that makes me smile so huge. But then he has a style that I don't know like I know reggae and rocksteady. It's these beats that synch up perfectly with the bass. Light touches like rain drops and then rolls like thunder. Again...listen to Amidst the Myst. Speaking of bass by the way, our final corner in this tower of awesome is Zdenek Gubb. The bass lines in this entire record are incredible. I married a bass player. I have become sort of a bass snob. I admit it. Gubb's got it down. He layers so well in between the drums and keys, it's like finely woven silk. It's a perfect mixture of deep groove and hard beat and the bass in these songs calls to you.

Have I gushed enough? One last suggestion, especially to my fellow devotees in the ska and reggae scene. Listen to Polluted Beauty. It's got the groove. The horns. The chat. It's got the perfect singalong hook. This song is everything I love about music. It hits hard while it sings you lullabies. Thank you, Twiddle. Thank you for being that breath of fresh air.

I can't wait to get out there and see you do this live.

Head on over to Twiddle's website and get yourself the album. I cannot recommend it enough

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Slackers - Twenty Five Years Later and a New Self Titled Album

I can't remember where I was when I first heard the Slackers. I do know I was about 17. A misfit, never really fitting in sort of teenager from North Jersey. It was the mid 90's, and the song was Watch This on a compilation. It kicked me right in the head. From that point on, I was hooked in for good. There was something about the steady groove of the music and the upbeat drag of the vocal that stuck with me and has not let me go since. I had never really listened to anything like this. I had never really heard horns used that way or a bass line like that. This was music that spoke to me somewhere on the inside, in a place I was not able to describe, with a voice I was not really able to find the words for.

Now, here I am, a 37 year old mother of two with a full time job, a blog, and a bad ska addiction. I'm still a misfit who never really fit in, living in North Jersey. Only now I have found an entire community of people just like me (and there are a lot of us) who loves this music too. And I am still listening to The Slackers. They are still kicking me in the head. My favorite band in the ska scene and some of the most fun I have ever had at live shows, these guys have been doing it right for twenty five years now. I only wish I had gotten into them sooner than I did. They had a few changes to the lineup over the years, but I know I am not alone in the thinking that they are a perfect compliment to one another in style, influence, and execution of their crafts. As individuals, they are uniquely talented and masterfully stand alone musicians. Together, they are a powerhouse of sound.

L to R: David Hillyard, Saxaphones; Marcus Geard, Bass; Ara Babajian, Drums; Vic Ruggiero, Vocals and Organ; Jayson Nugent, Guitar; Glen Pine, Vocals and Trombone

So imagine my delight that I have the opportunity to preview their new self titled album. The band has released 13 full length studio albums and 3 live albums since 1991. That's a lot of music. As excited as I was, I really was not sure what to expect from them on this record.

Let's just say I was most pleasantly surprised.

It's been five years since their last studio release. In a most fitting celebration of two and a half decades of getting the dance floor moving, the guys in the Slackers have put together a new album of their usual brand of steady NYC ska - Jamaican Rock and Roll. But hold up. This album is no one trick pony show. Along with that blend of traditional reggae and ska, there are these catchy garage rock tones and even a little surfy-beachy feel. Keep on listening, and there is an almost 1960's soul groove present here. I think it most fitting that they self titled this album. It's not like any Slackers album prior, while being a little bit of every Slackers album prior. Doesn't make sense? It will when you hear it.

The album kicked me open with The Boss. An awesome blend of scratch and flow with Vic's vocals laying a sweet glaze over the top. The brass sounds are powerful. The breakdown is nasty. This is going to be a fun one to be getting down to out on the floor. That is one of the things that sets The Slackers apart from other bands in the scene and has undoubtedly contributed to their staying power. They can take a song and play the ever loving guts out of it live so much that the notion of standing still is not even a consideration.

It lightens up with By The Time I Get To Sleep and we are brought to that glorious Slackers sound we know and love. Heavy brass, steady groove, and a bass line to keep you moving with vocals you can sing along with while you shake what your mama gave you. Or drive. Or work. Just enough keys to add to that flavor. Spin I'm In has a great island feel. Really smooth and really fun. I Want To Be Your Girl has a great rock psychedelic sound while still holding enough of that ska beat that moves your hips and shoulders. There is quite a bit of that on this record. That blending while still moving and shaking.

Skip on over to Working Overtime. I have heard this one live already a few times and this is another great crowd mover. Glen's vocals are a very different flavor from Vic's in that they inject the smooth soul while Vic maintains the raw groove. They are very much two sides of the same coin and it's one that spins wildly on this album. The differences compliment one another so well, and really add to the many things that make a Slackers album. Run Till We Can't Outrun has that really delicious 60's sound I was talking about before. The guitar lends to an infectious feel in this track that has stuck out to me as probably being my favorite song on the album.

I don't want to go track to track on this album giving my opinion. I want you to get this album and play the heck out of it at a very high volume. It's such an incredible blend of sounds and tastes from all across genres and it's really no wonder when you hear what went into this. Two years of writing, recording, editing, and rehearsing gave way to this blend of style and flavor that seems to pull bits and pieces from the individual tastes of every guy in the band. Add in that it was produced by The Aggrolite's Brian Dixon, Vic Axelrod (AKA Ticklah), and the band's own Agent Jay - each of them supervising the recording of four tracks - and you can start to see the shape of it.

The album comes out February 19th. You can get some more info on the release at Big Tunes HERE.

As you can expect, there will be shows. Lots of shows. You can go HERE and check out when they are coming to your town. Get on the floor and shake it. I expect to see you there.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Back...Back in the Ska, Reggae, Rocksteady Groove...

Life is funny. Crazy. Wonderful. Tragic. Magical.
It's also REALLY busy.
Illness, layoffs, moving, pregnancy, childbirth, finally completing that nifty degree, breaking not one but two computers. All that stuff kind of gets in the way of my writing, dancing, podcasting world. And you know what? I need it back! I miss sending you all the music I love. I miss talking about it. I miss broadcasting it. I miss sending this amazing scene out into the world.

But guess what, kids...I'm back! Ye olde A Perfect Mess News and Reviews is back up and running, full time. The podcast will be back up in the coming months as well, as I get the bits and pieces of all that requires back in place (domain, software, all that nonsense).

So please... get back up and sending me show listings, album releases, and all the goodness. I will be back in full promotion mode. My show calendar is slowing filling back up. My dancing shoes are being dusted off.

See you on the floor.


Monday, November 18, 2013

There Is No Therapy Like Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, and Soul...

OK. So. My show is NOT over. My blog was NOT abandoned. A Perfect Mess is alive and well!
It just took a break.

My life happened, and I had to tend to it.

Those who know me well know I am a stubborn thing. I will not give up on what I love, and even having to take a break from it quite literally  hurts me through my bones and into my soul. Especially when that something is my show and my blog for which I have spent years building and many hours and dollars feeding so that it could become the wonderful monster that it did. I knew I had a following, and I adore the ever loving crud  out of everyone who listens to me. I had no idea that it was as far reaching as it was until the messages and e-mails and notes on Twitter started coming in asking when I would be coming back! I wanted to take this moment to reach out to all those folks…and everyone…to thank you for your concern and let you know that my show didn’t die. It just took a nap.

I had four projects sitting on the burner, three blogs half written, and a stack of music to add to my library. That’s how it happens sometimes. You have this great momentum, your work is really starting to pay off. Then your life comes along and kicks you square in the lady balls and pulls the break lever on you without your consent. It sucks. It’s annoying. But that is what happened. I had tickets to shows I had to sell or just eat the cost of. I had interviews I had to cancel.  I just had to stop for a moment and get some shit under control. I figured it would be a week. Maybe two. But the hits just kept on coming!

In the meantime, the website had to come down to save costs, not one computer but TWO bit the dust (one may be salvageable), and things kinda spun out of control. Between personal, financial, and health issues, I was unable to get my footing for several months. This lapse went on FAR longer than I had anticipated. This has never been a profitable enterprise, I pay for most of my admissions, I buy music from the artists, I support crowd sourcing campaigns. My website and podcast costs are paid our of pocket. I do it all simply because I love this music. Being able to bring this amazing scene to someone else is a great feeling. The idea that someone might hear a song on my show and find themselves into a whole new artist is fuel to the fire. But I was not able to hold it all up, and it sucked.
This music is what has gotten me through what I have been dealing with in my life. I know it gets others through what they are dealing with in their lives. That is every reason that I am working as we speak to get the show back up and running within the next few weeks. There is no therapy like ska, reggae, rocksteady and soul and I am bringing it. Thank you sincerely to all the amazing musicians and incredible listeners and readers who have reached out to say hello and make sure everything was ok.
Thank you for your patience.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

On the verge of the Fourth Wave? Here comes THE APPLE STOMP!

Dancing and drinking and ska bands...OH MY!

I recently had the pleasure of taking part in a fascinating Facebook debate on whether or not we are in or on the verge of a Fourth Wave of Ska. There were some more than qualified folks from great bands, folks from around the scene, and all around the country who weighed in on their opinions. What does a new "Wave" actually entail? There were comments about required innovation and fresh style. There were references made to The Aquabats show and the appearance on Yo Gabba Gabba by the Aggrolites. The fact that The Slackers never stopped making great music and touring around the world since the last "wave" hit. Discussions that maybe this resurgence of great shows the last three years or so is simply the swell before the wave.

For all we know, the next great scene shifting sound could be in a basement right now...

It was also mentioned that it could be coming simply due to the fact that there are heirloom tours again. Older bands coming back to remind us just how old we all really are when we try to dance like we did in the 90's, and realize our bodies are a lot more like rusty hinges than they used to be. I don't know if the fourth wave is here or not. What I do know, as an active member of this scene, is that you need to bust out the oil cans, kids...there is more on the way.

Asbestos Records is doing it again.

Bringing the ska shows to the masses in New York City! Last year they made heirloom ska band reunion history with their Skalapalooza tour, bringing back bands like The Pilfers, Spring Heeled Jack, and The Pietasters. Not that the Pietasters ever went anywhere. They have been here all along, but we all know they make any show better. The New York date of Skalapalooza took us back back, way back...and then threw us forward again with help from Sammy Kay and the Snails, Across the Aisle, and WOAH! Edna's Goldfish!

But THAT, my friends, was 2012. Old news. This is 2013...and there is all new news. And that news is The Apple Stomp. Already booked for May 31st through June 1st at New York City's Irving Plaza, it plans to be the ska festival that us tri-state area overgrown ska kids have been foaming at the mouth for.

Excited? I am. And here is why. The first confirmed band for this skanking extravaganza will be the reunion of THUMPER. Remember Thumper? One of the first bands to cross over into the third wave skacore scene with heavier guitar and bass and that distinct flavor that some of us grew to love back in those wacky 90's.

So who is next?

Keep your eyes peeled to the Facebook page AppleStompNYC for more details and updates. I will see you there...

Thursday, December 6, 2012

2012 - A year in Skankin' Review

I have had few more emotionally and physically complicated years than this one in my life. It was a steady road of giant potholes and speed bumps taking me from emergency rooms to specialists and tests while putting my mental well being and my very nerves through paper shredders. Somewhere between a broken heart and a major health scare, I found my voice again in the embrace of the welcoming arms of an old friend.

The ska scene. And the many devoted people in it.

This was the year my radio show moved to a new home. My format swap was finally complete. No longer was I commuting to a studio in the next state...but simply my kitchen. The control was mine, and my intentions were finally realized and completed...while I am still ironing out the kinks (and learning all the software). My blog gained it's major following with a lot of help and support from the very artists who inspired it in the first place. It's one thing to be able to freely write about the people that move you so much. It is nothing short of a gift that they give you back that same support and promotion. I owe a lot to some seriously amazing people. So without further delay, I present to you A Perfect Mess...A Year In Review 2012.

Most Memorable Shows:
1.) The Slackers booze cruise. It's no secret that I am a Slackers fan. A big one. I have seen them before, but there is nothing like a band you love on a boat. It's the music, the beer, the people, and the energy...and NOTHING topped the energy on the boat that night. It was the first show I went to with my very dear friend Roy Radics of NYC's own Rudie Crew...and going to a show with Roy is like going to a town festival with the mayor. Introductions all around, and I love Roy because he always introduces me like I am someone important. I describe what I do as minor music journalism...he introduces me as if my blog were Rolling Stone. I adore him. That night, there was a thunderstorm. The boat was rocking all over the place. (and hot!) We were often grabbing one another as strangers to keep from falling down, and laughing as if we were forever friends. There is an atmosphere at a Slackers show that is just not present anywhere else. I went up front when Roy was called to the stage, and spent the rest of the show singing and dancing along like a goofball. It was one of the best nights of my year. I can't remember ever having that much fun at a show.


2.) The Pietasters booze cruise. Another boat with Roy Radics. I swear if there is ska on a boat, we are probably both on it. It was also a night of long overdue introductions to my now dear sister in show going/man oogling/booze sipping/ska dancing shenanigans, Michelle Ska...though she does NOT remember meeting it was her birthday, and she was fershnickered. (we made up for it later with a Mustard Plug show in Stanhope) More beer, more dancing, more sweating, more following Roy to the front and then staying up there and dancing around like I do. I could not have picked better songs for them to do either. It was such a great night.

Photo credit: James Walker

Most UnMemorable Show:
Rob's Birthday show out in Wilks Barre, PA with the Hub City Stompers and the Rudie Crew...where I drank too much whiskey and passed out on Rob's kitchen floor. It was a fucking AMAZING good time before memory is spotty...

...poor Randy...and Drunky McDrunkleface

Best Albums of the Year:

The Shifters - In It!
This batch of amazing comes straight out of DC. Steve Jackson suggested these guys to me in an interview earlier in the year, and he was right about how good they are. I have played a song from this album on every show I have done since I got it. For the record, I don't play anything that sucks, and there is little I play THIS much. It's the perfect blend of brass and vocals with every other component of the band expertly threaded in between. It's excellent straight though, and I was addicted at first listen. Very melodic, dance provoking, totally clean and well mixed. The vocals are gorgeous. All in all, it's an amazing album start to finish. I missed these guys when they were up here last. I am begging and pleading for them to come back. They will knock your socks off. Don't believe me? You can grab yourself a copy of In It! from The Shifters from Stubborn Records right HERE.

The Pandemics - Brain On Tap
I love this album for the simple fact that it's heavy, super brassy fun. FUN. Something a lot of bands are missing lately. Stop being so serious and make me dance, for fucks sake! The Pandemics are all over that. It's eight pieces of tight, clean ska that can do third wave flavor as easily as they throw down a classic Trojan groove. They have the style and know-how to take this music, mix it up, throw it around, and get a crowd moving. I know...I have seen them live, and they seriously floored me with how tight they were. The Pandemics are a truly vibrant example of the modern New York ska scene, and I think you can expect to be seeing these guys around a lot more in the coming year. You can get yourself a copy of Brain on Tap by The Pandemics right HERE.

The Pinstripes - I
WOW. That is all I could say the first time I heard this album all the way through. The first track alone blew me away, and it's been on heavy rotation on my show ever since. Put on Might Be Her Fool and crank it the fuck up. You will not be able to sit still. These guys blend a traditional rocksteady groove with ska and soul and come out with something so incredible, it left me speechless. This is a hot, hot record. It's got something for everyone...from soft and melodic to kick you in the ass and get up and dancing energy. Not to mention, these guys are versatile. I tell this to everyone I suggest this record to, and I will tell it to you now. Click on over to I'll Be Waiting. This song blew me away. Beautiful pop and soul to start you off. I reviewed this album a month ago. The best way I could describe this song in my review was to say that halfway through, "the song changes into this piece of sensual, powerful straight up soul music...building in intensity and emotion to the end before climaxing quietly and sweetly. Probably would cuddle you and give you cab fare too." Don't take my word for it. Go get it yourself right HERE.

Most Memorable Ska Bands Of The Year FOR ME:
I figured I had to be somewhat specific in that one. These mentions did not necessarily release an album this year, or have any major shows. But I found them, or they found me, or they were give to me, or they just knocked my socks off somehow this year. Maybe they were just nice to me. Sometimes that really does do it for me...

The Dropsteppers:
I am their album Get Up In It. I cannot get it off my iPod, my Spotify, or out of my head. I found myself singing Hot Mess to myself when I was jogging the other day. I purposely left my iPod home, and I was singing it anyway. When The Band Plays is amazing. Extraordinary Woman get's played CONSTANTLY on my show.

Obi Fernandez:
This should really be under top albums, but it's not exclusive to his sol stuff, as I also got more into Westbound Train this year. I was recently interview for the Duff Guide to Ska, and I wracked my brain trying to think of an adequate descriptive for his voice. I came up with cherry cheesecake. It's smooth, it's sweet, it's fucking delicious. He is a simply amazing vocalist and songwriter.

Green Room Rockers:
I can't tell you how many times I listen to the song Twenty Five on their self titled album. It's such a great song from such a truly great album. I have been meaning to chase these guys down for an interview and a write-up on this album. It's in the cards. I am in love with this album.

The Rudie Crew:
Not only one of my biggest supporters, Roy Radics of the Rudie Crew is also an amazing front man to one of my very favorite aspects of the NYC ska and reggae scene. A weaving of expert musicians from all over the map, their sound is fresh with dancehall flavor and traditional groove. They are also one of my favorite live bands in this scene. I have never seen a bad Rudie Crew performance. I first caught them at a Toasters show early this year, and was just floored. I could not stand still. It's been a good time ever since. Plus, they are just a great bunch of guys that I have had more than a few laughs (and pints) with.

The Bandulus:
I can't say enough. I just did an interview with the very awesome Jeremy Pena about the band and the new album. I am a sucker for vocals, as I have said many times before, and Jeremy's are just hypnotic and fresh. His style is so much his own. From his work with The Bandulus to the acoustic stuff I have heard from him, I am just floored. I was so excited to get the new album and I have played it every week since. Prior to that, I delighted in playing things off the last one. This new album is still making it's way into all my nooks and crannies, but thus's becoming an addiction.

The Snails:
I freaking LOVE these guys. Not only are they young and fresh and talented, they as individuals are just bleeding genuine energy that is infectious and addicting all on their own. They are heading out on the Version City Tour with King Django and Matt MacLeod and you really need to go see them. I caught them for the first time backing Sammy Kay at Skalapalooza and could not believe my ears...and that was not even them being THEM. They are poised to be our first installment in our upcoming documentary series, and I think filming them will be just as much fun as anything else. These guys are really, really insanely talented musicians and great people. You will be seeing more from them. Mark my words.

And most memorable Ska Moments of 2012:

~ Seeing my podcast ranked in the Top 50 for Reggae last month. I am simply floored that as many people listen to me as do. It's an incredible thing, and I can't begin to say how thankful I am.

~ Ringing in my 34th birthday at Skalapalooza in NYC with Agent Jay and a shot of tequila...Jay, who was nice enough to let me pull his ear all night about our documentary and never once said, "Hey, yeah...I have to go...I have a thing..." like I expected him to.

~ Having a wicked vertigo attack on the I7/Mepheskapheles booze cruise and very nearly passing out repeatedly until the boat docked. Special thanks to Roy Radics for being my guardian all night, and my very sweet and wonderful friend Thora Phillips for walking arm in arm with my through the village telling everyone she was my date when in reality she was helping me walk steady and keeping me from falling down.

~ My first show with Michelle Ska, my long lost sister. It was Mustard Plug with the amazing Void Union. I didn't think there was someone THAT much like me anywhere in the world. Look out everyone...there is. And now we hang out...nothing good can come of this...

~ Seeing my show's logo on the Version City Tour poster. Now, this may seem silly to other people. But you have to understand how far this show has come. How much work I have done. How much money, time, blood, sweat, and tears have gone into building what I have. I was so happy to be able to throw down for this tour...for amazing artists...and to see my logo up there...well, that is just amazing.

~ My documentary series, Crazy Skankin' Mess, finally coming together. Special mention has to go out first to my friend Chris DiNardo of NeverImage Entertainment for still being my friend and getting on board with my editing and the sorting of all my weird, unconventional ideas. Second, my very dear friend and fellow ska freak Randy from Ska Crazy...who not only believes in my ideas, but actually wanted to be my partner in this project. Plus he listens to all my bullshit, and that alone should be a paying job.

So there you have it. A brief snippet of my year. It's been a rough one at times, but I have to thank everyone for taking part and making the rest of it so freaking amazing. I will continue to do what I do for the new year, and then some. I have added booking shows to my resume, so we will see where this goes. In the meantime, you can count on the show being there every week, the blog being there every month, and me being here trying to keep it all together.

Thank you!

Special thanks: David Hillyard for the second chance interview, Keith Duncan for being an amazing human, Rob Alapick for all your suggestions and lectures, Tim and Todd from the Snails for cookie talk, Lindsay best friend in the world who does not like ska but humors my love and passion for all that I do with the biggest smile she can, Michelle ska who loves ska more than any human being on the planet, Stephen Shafer who inspired my blog and continues to help promote me, King Django for being King Django, Randy Jarrell for the suggestions, pistachios, beer, beer stealing, and almost making me pass out from laughing on the porch of the Stanhope House, Mandy and Rob...the first couple of ska, Thora and Chad...the first couple of punk and Oi, and my amazing, intelligent, deep soul son Josiah...who believes in all my crazy dreams, thinks I'm cool, and reminds me to be the best person I can every single day of my life.